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As lovers of food and avid viewers of cooking shows, we were keen to try a cuisine we had heard so much about – Texas BBQ. With numerous recommendations on our list, we decided to pick a different restaurant for each lunchtime in Houston. Over 3 days, we ticked off 3 great places, all giving us the Texas BBQ experience we were looking for.

The Best Texas BBQ Joints





Truth BBQ was the second place we tried but by far our favourite. We visited on a Sunday and waited in line for half an hour. We usually hate waiting in lines, but when it comes to food, a line is usually a sign of a good place. This rang very true for Truth BBQ. They had a range of classic BBQ options and delicious sides. We went for a plate with brisket and a jalapeño cheddar sausage. For our sides, we chose Mac and Cheese, brussels sprouts and added bread and pickles. Everything was delicious and very high quality, and despite how busy the place was, the seating area did not feel crowded, and everything ran smoothly.

Truth BBQ is located at 110 S Heights Boulevard.


J-Bar-M Barbecue was our very first Texas BBQ experience. Very overexcited, we ordered way too much, half of which became leftovers to take home. We had one plate with brisket, mac and cheese and green beans and a second plate with pork ribs, potato salad and coleslaw. We loved the brisket and the range and quality of sides, with a special mention to the very tasty mac and cheese. We were a bit caught off guard by the very spicy coleslaw, and the pork ribs were tasty but not the best we’ve had. Despite those few criticisms, we still loved this place, and just wish the weather had been nicer so we could have enjoyed lunch in the courtyard.

J-Bar-M Barbecue is located at 2201 Leeland Street.


The Pit Room was the last BBQ joint we visited in Houston. By our third lunch, we were very confident with our ordering. We got a plate with brisket, sausage, mac and cheese, green beans and bread. We loved the extras bar at this place, where we added pickled onions, carrots and a range of sauces. The brisket was, once again, delicious, as was the sausage, but we felt the sides were not as good as those we had enjoyed at the other places. The outdoor seating area was nice, the staff were very lovely and overall it was a great place to wrap up our Houston Texas BBQ experience.

The Pit Room is located at 1201 Richmond Avenue.


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